Seri : OS30 A OS30 B OS30 K

OS30 Openable From Outside

There are many cable carrier systems produced by Tacflex Cable Carrier Systems. These systems can easily find the desired product with the material used, length, width, or categorized according to the intended use of the product.

Material Features
Zinc Coated Steel / *Stainless Steel
1-2 m/sec
Operating Temperature

 Bending Radius 75 150
H (mm) 65 65
X (mm) 215 365
Y (mm) 236 471



Openable From Outside , Steel Serie

OS30 B A B C D R W
MODEL Inner Height (mm) Inner Lenght (mm) Outter Height (mm) Outter Lenght (mm) Bending Radius Weight Kg/Mt
OS30 B   50 - 500 50 66 - 516 75, 150 -


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